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Right now, we cannot take your money just yet. The infrastructure for this is still not in place, and in any case, we won't take any money until we can be reasonably sure that P2PFund can be a long-term self-sustainable business.

But wait! Do not go away! We need you! To make sure that when we do open for business, we will be able to provide both sizable income for the artists and reliable protection for our members, we really, really do need you to pre-register - assuming, of course, that you want to become the P2PFund member when it opens.

This way, we will be able to contact you as soon as we have enough such pledges, and be fully operational from day one. We do not want to operate as a mutual support group for John and Tom with $2,400 in the bank.

So please - leave your contact mail address here. If you want, leave the name, too. But this is not necessary. We'd just like to be able to address you in that contact e-mail ("Dear Helen Tasker!" or something). You can leave this field blank, or just provide the handle. "Cooldude1285" is just fine, as long as you don't mind being addressed this way.

My e-mail is: 
My name is:  I am ready to pay $  a month.

And of course, this e-mail will be the only one we'll send you. We won't send you any spam. Promise. It will either be a "go ahead and register" e-mail, or an e-mail that will say that some better way of supporting both artists and file-sharing networks was found, and since this new way is so much better than what we intended to do, we cease to exist and recommend you to contact the provided address instead. (For example, Congress might decide to declare all file-sharing legal. Or something...)

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