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   Dinosaur music industry keeps millions of file-sharing networks users hostage, threatening them with lawsuits. They flatly refuse to even talk about using peer-to-peer file sharing - the best method of music delivery invented so far. Why can they get away with it? Simple - because they have enough money to buy laws and lawyers.

But taken together, millions of Kazaa, Morpheus, and Gnutella users have much more money than RIAA. So why not fight the recording industry money with even more money? If ten million people pay just five dollars a month to P2PFund, it creates a $600M-a-year revenue stream. If paid to the musicians, it is quite sufficient to convince most artists of the validity of this business model. And even the small portion of that money is enough to protect the P2PFund users, hiring more lawyers than RIAA can ever afford.

Bad news is, you have to pay money to achieve that. But let's face it - compensating artists for their hard work is a Right Thing To Do anyway. You enjoy their music - they are entitled to receive some money in return, aren't they?

Good news is, you don't have to pay five dollars a month. Cannot afford $60 a year for this? Simply feel that this is too much? No problem. Pay whatever you want. Instead of contributing five dollars a month, contribute two dollars. Or one dollar. Or fifty cents. P2PFund does not care. No one has ever done it before, and we simply don't know what would be a socially acceptable price for this kind of service. Ultimately, you decide this - together with all other P2PFund users. We just distribute your money.

Of course, there is the catch: $60 a year gives you a full membership level. If you pay less, that's okay. But if by some chance you do get sued, and there's not enough money to pay all the legal bills of the users, then the level of your reimbursement will become directly proportional to your current contribution level.

Here is an example: say, John registers as a full member, paying $60 a year. Tom decides to go with $12 a year payment. Then both of them get sued, and each one of them has $2,000 in legal bills. And P2PFund has only $2,400 in the bank. Now what? Quite simple. Since P2PFund simply does not have enough money to pay $4,000 in combined legal bills, it will say: okay, Tom currently pays five times less than John, so he is entitled to five times smaller reimbursement. John gets $2,000, but Tom gets only $400 and will have to come up with $1,600 of his own money to pay to his lawyers. So even though you are not required to pay the full registration price, we still advise you to do so if you can.

(Of course, the example above is largely hypothetical - P2PFund won't even start taking money before we can be reasonably sure that we can have about $1M of yearly revenue, and this should be enough to pay lots of lawyers. And in any case, we will do everything we can to help you - for example, we might have enough money to pay Tom later. But you get the idea.)

Hopefully, no one gets sued and all the collected money goes to the artists. Yeah, yeah, we know - not much chance of that. But then again, in the example above, if P2PFund has $85,000 of membership fees this month, it can pay both John and Tom with no difficulty, and still have $81,000 left over for the artists (minus P2P fund expenses, which shouldn't be all that large. If they will be excessive, people will just stop paying, and rightly so.)

And all it takes to make this a reality is about 17,000 of full members, each contributing $60 a year. Which is about 0.04% of 40,000,000 P2P users, or one in 2,500.

So let's do it!

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