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Right now, P2PFund is not fully operational yet. We are not taking any money from the users, so we are not paying anything to the artists. We want to be reasonably sure that we'll have at least $1M to distribute annually before we "go live."

Still, we'd appreciate if you could tell us about your music that you would like us to track on the file-sharing networks once we are operational. That would be the music that you would be paid for, in proportion to its popularity on these networks. Remember, we can pay only for what we track - if, say, "Garage Bandidos" and "Underground Rockers" are the only two bands registered here, and the download volume for "Bandidos" is four times higher than for "Rockers", then 80% of all money goes to "Bandidos", and 20% - to "Rockers", even if Britney Spears download numbers are ten thousand times higher.

So please, provide us with your e-mail contact address and some indication of who you are and what should we track (for example "Metallica" or "Garage Bandidos"). As soon as we launch, we'll contact you to obtain the mailing address for the payments and to verify your identity - you should really be Britney Spears to receive money for her songs, after all.

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Name or keywords to track: 

If you represent a recording label, you'll probably want us to track a lot of groups, and the space above will obviously be insufficient. We'll need to set up a long list of your member musicians or titles to track. Please contact us at to set up such a tracking list.

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